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Cerebral arterial tree modeling
Mahsa Ghaffari, Chih-Yang Hsu

Microvasculature Modeling of the Cortex
Ian Gopal Gould, Thomas Marrinan
Cerebal hemodynamics
Chih-Yang Hsu

Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticle uptake by rat cortical astrocyte cells
Indu Venugopal, Sebastian Pernal, Ying Hsu
The Human Brain: The Puzzle of our Times
Ian Gould, Kevin Tangen, Thomas Marinnan, Ying Hsu, Professor Andreas A. Linninger

Ring Around the Rosie
Minh Tran, Ying Hsu
Image Reconstructed Intrathecal CSF Space of a Rat
Fabian Davalos, Mruga Patel, Indu Venugopal

George's Universe
Andreas Linninger