LPPD Members


Former Members

Research and REU Students

Ian Gopal Gould
Ph.D. Student
Research: Computational Mathematics Elucidates the Dependence of Brain Perfusion on Microcirculation, 2017

Abhay Sane
M.S. Student
Research: Cellular Obstruction Clearance of Proximal Ventricular Catheters using Low-Voltage Joule Heating, 2017

Léa Sanchez
Visiting Scholar
Research: Mathematical Model for the Study of Fluid Movements in the Brain & Quantification of Vascular Reconstruction Accuracy by Comparison with Medical Images, 2017

Pauline Cote
Visiting Scholar
Research: Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation & Retina Image Processing, 2017

Nazia Habib
Research Intern

Jacek Lechowicz
M.S. Student
Research: Aquaporin Channels in the Human Brain, 2016

Guoren Xu
Software Engineer

Kyle Sierzega
Undergrad Researcher

Chih-Yang Hsu
Ph.D. Student
Research: Cerebral Blood Flow Characterization, 2017

Narasimhan Srirambr
M.S. Student
Research: Spinal Tumor Treatment Design, 2017

Indu Venugopal
Ph.D. Student
Research: Synthesis and Electromagnetic-Guidance of Nano_particles for the Treatment of the Central Nervous Systems, 2017

Ben Schneller
M.S. Student
Research: Algorithms for Reconstruction of Cerebral Angioarchitecture from Medical Images, 2016

Thomas Preden
Visiting Scholar
Research: Bench-top and Computational Central Nervous System Models for the Study of Drug Delivery and Hemorrhage, 2016

Roxane Leval
Visiting Scholar
Research: Computational modeling of intrathecal drug distribution, 2015

Nicolas Gascuel
Visiting Scholar
Research: Patient Specific Simulation of Cerebral Arterial Trees, 2015

Yves-Marie Salaun
Visiting Scholar
Research: Magnetizable stent for intravascular magnetic nanoparticles targeted delivery, 2015

Eric Lueshen
Ph.D. Student
Research: Design of Drug Delivery Methods for the Brain and Central Nervous System, 2015

Joel Buishas
Undergraduate Researcher
Research: Dynamic modelling of CSF creation and absorption, 2014

Sebastian Pernal
Undergraduate Researcher
Research: Magnetic nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery,2013

Alexandra Duproz
Visiting Scholar
Research: Magnetic fluroescent nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery, 2013

Minh Tran
Undergraduate Researcher
Research: In vitro aging reduces the morphological plasticity of astrocytes, 2013

Seon Byeong Kim
Ph.D. Student
Research: Mathematical Modeling of Aquaporin-4 Intracellular Transport and Complex Column Distillation Process, 2013

Ying Hsu
M.S. Student
Research: Computational Predictions of Drug Biodistribution and Drug Action in the Central Nervous System, 2012

Sukhraaj S. Basati
Research: Modeling, Monitoring and Control of Hydrocephalus, 2011

Madhawa Hettiarachchi
Research: Setting up Oscillatory Moving Boundaries in Fluent using UDFs,

Jeonghwa Moon
Research: Global Optimization with Grid Computing Techniques, 2011

Nikhil Sindhwani
Research: Optimal Delivery of Macromolecules to the Brain, 2010

Brian James Sweetman
Research: Intracranial Dynamics, 2011

Daniel Beneke
Research: Column Profile Maps and Pinch Point for Complex Distillation Network, 2010

Gerardo J. Ruiz Mercado
Research: Separation Design and Synthesis for Energy Efficient Complex Column, 2010

Dongning Li
Research: Scientific Computing and Computer Visualization for Biotransport, 2009

Madhu Smitha Harihara Iyer
Research: Convection Enhanced Delivery of Macromolecules for Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases, 2009

Benyamin Grosman
Research: Genetic Programming Algorithms, 2008

Anargyros Politis
Research: Intracranial dynamics and blood flow in the brain, 2007

Libin Zhang
Research: Separation Synthesis, Design for the Environment, Flexibility Analysis, 2007

Bharath Somayaji
Research: Convection Enhanced Drug Delivery, 2008

Mick Parikh
Research: Designing an efficient cap and trade market system, 2007

Monil Viresh Shah
Research: Image driven computational analysis of transport phenomena in the human brain, 2007

Samarjit Singh
Research: Application of feedback control to drug integration and chemical polymeriztion, 2006

Mark Peters
Visiting Scholar
Research: Topology analysis of distillation column synthesis, 2006

Andres Malcom
Research: Clean chemical manufacturing under uncertainty, 2006

Christopher Zhou

Romeo Ibrahim
Research: Computational approaches to multiphase flow, 2005

Aninda Chakraborty
Research: Plant-wide synthesis of optimal waste treatment policies under uncertainty, 2002

Yongsheng Gan
Visiting Scholar, 2004
Placement: Senior Engineer, Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology

Cristian Tsakiris
Postdoc. 2004
Current Position: University of Bucharest, Romania

Shantanu Chowdhry
Research: Dynamic system analysis and modeling of differential algebraic systems, 2002

Vishal Bahl
Research: Continuous discrete process modeling and simulation, 2002

Chandra Singavarapu
Research: Towards Automated Synthesis of Distillation-based Separation Sequences, 2002

Hanns Gregor
Visiting Engineer 2004

Dr. Michalis Xenos
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, 2007
University of Ioannina, Greece

Srinivas Kondapalli
Research: Intracranial dynamics and blood flow in the brain, 2007

Kedar Kulkarni
Research: Mathematical Modeling, Problem Inversion and Design of Distributed Chemical and Biological Systems 2007

Dr. Andrej Mošať
First principles pharmacokinetic modeling 2011