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Metabolic flux analysis of simple metabolic networks, K. Kulkarni, M. Xenos, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-021208, Feb., 2008.
Introduction to polynomial approximation – Lagrange polynomials, C.S. Park, C.Y. Hsu, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-111417, Nov., 2017.
Eigen-analysis for the solution of linear dynamics systems, M. Ghaffari, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-021517, Feb., 2017 (Last edited Nov., 2017).
Newton, steepest descent and trust region methods, L. Zhang, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-021805, Feb., 2005 (Last edited Oct., 2017).
Iterative methods for solving algebraic systems, M. Xenos, K. Kulkarni, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-033004, Mar., 2004 (Last edited Sep., 2017).
Review and derivation of Starling forces in blood brain barrier, G. Hartung, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-060716, Jun., 2016 (Last edited Aug. 2017).
File formats for unstructured computational meshes, A. Politis, B. Sweetman, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-041108, Apr., 2008 (Last edited Feb., 2017).
1D FSI report, I.G. Gopal, M. Ghaffari, C.Y. Hsu, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-122016, Dec., 2016.
Image registration, N. Sriram, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-101016, Oct., 2016.
Magnetic field calculations, I. Venugopal, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-090916, Sep., 2016.
Fourier series: mathematical concepts and application, C.Y. Hsu, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-031116, Mar., 2016.
Interpolation of vessel segment onto a Bezier surface, B. Schneller, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-090115, Sep., 2015.
Patient specific parametric mesh generation and hemodynamic simulation, M. Ghaffari, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-052915, May, 2015.
Automatic structured mesh for complex vascular network, m. Ghaffari, A. Linninger, Apr., 2014.
Parameter estimation for linear and non-linear models and statistical hypothesis test, S.B. Kim, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-122112, Dec., 2012.
Dynamic kinetic reaction, S.B. Kim, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-092911, Sep., 2011.
Model discrimination for single- and multi-response data, M. Heitzig, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-041011, Apr., 2011.
In situ adaptive tabulation, A. Mosat, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-112810, Nov., 2010.
Constrained optimization case studies using Delphi 7.0, A. Mosat, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-080310, Aug., 2010.
Scientific comment: tortuosity, porosity and diffusivity, C. Hall, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-082710, Aug., 2010.
Constrained constructive optimization for vascular generation, B. Sweetman, A. Linninger, D. Teng, N. Vaicaitis, UIC-LPPD-060910, Jun., 2010.
Kinetic inversion problem solution by sensitivity analysis - a case study, A. Mosat, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-021110, Feb., 2010.
Video recording, editing and importing tutorial, S. Basati, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-101609, Oct. 2009.
Flux calculation through the cell walls with respect to the catheter outlet position, O. Ivanchenko, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-090909, Sep., 2009.
3-dimensional brain animation, J. Hu, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-073109, Jul., 2009.
Documentation of video animation and editing, J. Hu, A. Linninger, D. Li, UIC-LPPD-073009, Jul., 2009.
Force is a flux, B. Sweetman, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-050109, May 2009.
Thermodynamic space for column profile, J. Ruiz, S. Kim, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-042708, Apr., 2008 (Last edited Apr., 2009).
Bubble point equivalent temperature parameter (BPET) and application into the underwood (UW) model, J. Ruiz, S. Kim, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-042009, Apr., 2009 (Last edited Apr., 2009).
Analytical solutions of the convection-diffusion equation, O. Ivanchenko, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-041009, Apr., 2009.
Bessel function, O. Ivanchenko, M. Iyer, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-040709, Apr., 2009.
Numerical approximation of distillation profile computations, J. Ruiz, S. Kim, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-032409, Mar., 2009 (Last edited Apr., 2009).
Design and analysis of multicomponent distillation columns: an overview, J. Ruiz, S. Kim, A. Lininninger, UIC-LPPD-111508, Nov., 2008 (Last edited Apr., 2009).
Equations for balance of linear momentum with the incorporation of a finite strain formulation, B. Sweetman, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-060408, Jun., 2008 (Last edited Mar., 2009).
Hemodynamics, A. Politis, B.Sweetman, S.Basati, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-041108, Apr., 2008.
Microelectronic fabrication and dynamic testing protocol of an impedance catheter with ring electrodes, S. Basati, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-120708, Dec., 2008.
Hyperbolic (wave) and parabolic (diffusion) partial differential equations and their applications to vasculature dynamics, B. Sweetman, L. Zitella, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-102408, Oct., 2008.
Fluid dynamics and electric circuit analysis of tube networks, S.Basati, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-091008, Sep., 2008.
File formats for unstructured computational meshes: Gambit meshfile (*.msh) in 2- and 3-D, A. Politis, M. Xenos, B. Sweetman, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-041108, Apr., 2008.
Sensitivity analysis, L. Zhang, K. Kulkarni, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-092403, Sep., 2003 (Last edited Feb., 2008).
Polynomial approximation of data, A. Malcolm, M. Xenos, A. Linninger. UIC-LPPD-050305, May, 2005 (Last edited Jun., 2007).
Summary of hydrocephalus literature, S. Basati, B. Sweetman, UIC-LPPD-032107, Mar., 2007.
The mathematical properties of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the difference point equation, M. Peters, LPPD Group Seminar, UIC-LPPD-021706, 2006.
A mathematical model for the vasculature in the human brain, M. Xenos, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-062606, Jun., 2006.
Global terrain method, J. Moon, L. Zhang, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-032206, Mar., 2006.
Successive quadratic programming (SQP) and rSQP, K. Kulkarni, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-031506, Mar., 2006.
Group seminar on scientific writing, LPPD group members, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-011806, Jan., 2006.
Password protection of www pages, M. Bharath, R. Somayaji, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-102805, Oct., 2005.
Short course on scientific writing, RET 2005 Summer Fellows, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-080405, Aug., 2005.
Response on harmonic excitation analysis, X. Zhou, M. Xenos, S. Kontapalli, A.Linninger, UIC-LPPD-042005, Apr., 2005.
Generalized curvilinear coordinates, M. Xenos, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-090104, Sep., 2004 (Last edited Mar., 2005).
Finite element method, M. Xenos, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-042104, Apr., 2004 (Last edited Sep., 2004).
A two-dimensional brain model, S. Kondapalli, M. Xenos, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-050104, May., 2004.
Three-dimensional brain model, R. Somayaji, M. Xenos, S. Kondapalli, P. Roycewicz, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-043004, Apr., 2004 (Last edited Oct., 2004)
Condenser modeling: diffusion-controlled simultaneous mass and heat transfer, A. Malcolm, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-062504, Jun., 2004.
A model of flow through the human cerebral vasculature, S. Kondapalli, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-060504, Jun., 2004.
A genetic algorithm to optimize simple distillation column sequences, Y. Gan, LPPD Group Seminar, UIC-LPPD-052404, May, 2004.
Simulation of the cerebrospinal fluid flow in the normal brain by one dimensional model, C. Tsakiris, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-022804, Feb., 2004.
Integration of dynamic link libraries with MSC and Visual Fortran - Mixed language programming in Fortran and C++, A. Chakraborty, UIC-LPPD-04222003, Apr., 2003.
Solution of DAE system with DASSL, C. Tsakiris, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-111802, Nov., 2002.
Numerical column profile integration area for a pentane-hexane-heptane mixture, C. Tsakiris, L. Zhang, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-101102, Nov., 2002
Egnor's model of the CSF flow in the human brain, C. Tsakiris, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-101102, Oct., 2002.
Minimization of Gibbs energy for a non-reacting system, A. Chakraborty, UIC-LPPD-022800, Feb., 2000 (Last edited Jan., 2002).
Standard states and the computation of the activities for Gibbs energy minimization, A. Chakraborty, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-092401, Sep., 2001.
Mixed language programming with Microsoft C and Borland Delphi, A. Linninger, UIC-LPPD-08012001, Aug., 2001.
Multi-objective optimization of column sequences for ideal separation, A. Chakraborty, LPPD Group Seminar, UIC-LPPD-051001, May, 2001.
Chemical equilibrium - Gibbs energy minimization, A. Chakraborty, Joint Group Seminar, Department of Chemical Engineering, UIC-LPPD-112900, Nov., 2000.
Dynamics of a batch distillation column, V. Bahl, UIC-LPPD-071000, Jul., 2000.
Residue curve map analysis and generation as differential algebraic systems, S. Chowdhry, UIC-LPPD-053100, May, 2000.
Interpretation of event conditionals, V. Bahl, UIC-LPPD-051600, May, 2000.
Report on recycling in a separation process structure, C. Singavarapu, UIC-LPPD-022800, Feb., 2000.
Report on residue curve maps, C. Singavarapu, UIC-LPPD-021100, Feb., 2000.
Hybrid simulation in techtool, V. Bahl, UIC-LPPD-092700, Sep., 1999.
Dynamics of multi-stage batch distillation column, S. Chowdhry, A. Chakraborty, UIC-LPPD-091500, Sep., 1999.
Applications of hybrid simulations to model predictive control strategy, V. Bahl, UIC-LPPD-070500, Jul., 1999.
Joint confidence regions and confidence intervals, M. Bergh, UIC-LPPD-070499, Jul., 1999.
Dynamic optimization - a case study-CAR problem, M. Anderson, UIC-LPPD-070499, Jul., 1999.
Incorporating joint confidence regions into design under uncertainty, A. Chakraborty, UIC-LPPD-051199, May, 1999.
Equilibrium calculation for n-butanol & water mixture - a case study, A. Chakraborty, P. Pathak, Che 441 Project Report-I, UIC-LPPD-030599, March, 1999.
Synthesis of waste treatment alternatives for batch pharmaceutical wastes - a case study, A. Chakraborty, UIC-LPPD-081198, Aug., 1998.