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J. Buishas, "Dynamic Intracranial Mass Transport with Uniform and Non-Uniform Osmolarity", UIC-LPPD-010515b, January 2015

J. Buishas, "A Computational Model of Cerebrospinal Fluid Production and Reabsorption", UIC-LPPD-010515a, January 2015

B. Schneller, "Creating a whole-brain mesh from magnetic resonance images for use in hemodynamic simulations", UIC-LPPD-010514a, January 2014

N. Soni, "Intrathecal Drug Targeting: Magnetically Guided Nanoparticles", UIC-LPPD-120514a, December 2014

R. Leval, "Computational modeling of intrathecal drug distribution", UIC-LPPD-120514a, December, 2014

M. Tran, "In vitro aging reduces the morphological plasticity of astrocytes", UIC-LPPD-120513a, December, 2013

M. Chojecki, "Signal Analysis and Noise Reduction for Calculating a System's Impulse Response Function in a Dye Convection System", UIC-LPPD-080512a, August, 2012

A. Rogers, "Patient specific brain vasculature model verification using the statistical values of physiological standards", UIC-LPPD-080511a, Aug. 2011.

A. Karim, "Computer-aided design to engineer siRNA therapies to the central nervous system through intrathecal delivery", UIC-LPPD-080511b, Aug. 2011.

B. Desai, "Bench-top calibration and animal testing of intracranial volume sensor", UIC-LPPD-080511c, Aug. 2011.

N. Raia, "Patient specific cerebrospinal fluid flow dynamics and intrathecal drug infusion in the central nervous system", UIC-LPPD-080511d, Aug. 2011.

J. Kanikunnel, "Magnetic nanoparticle guidance in agarose phantom using an external magnetic field", UIC-LPPD-080511f, Aug. 2011.

B. Henry, "Digital Modeling of the Cerebral Vasculature", UIC-LPPD-080511h, Aug. 2011.

V. Kamarath, "VORO++ standard implememtation and procedure", UIC-LPPD-080511i, Aug. 2011.

V. Nguyen, "The Effect of spinal nerves on the distribution of drug and pressure drop in the spinal canal", UIC-LPPD-070111, July 2011.

J. Stewart, "Species transport and reaction kinetics of morphine in the spinal cord and canal with two dimensional and three dimensional computational models", UIC-LPPD-062011, June 2011.

F. Jacoby, "Function Analysis of an Impedance Based Volume Sensor in Hydrocephalic Rat Comparison of Sensor Design Sensitivity Drift", UIC-LPPD-060811, June 2011.

V. Nguyen, "Study on the effect of nerves to the pressure drop", UIC-LPPD-011211a, Jan. 2011.

M. Kaewken, "Effect of trabeculae on cerebral spinal fluid flow and drug mixing", UIC-LPPD-011211b, Jan. 2011.

J. Stewart, "Intrathecal species transport of hydrochloride morphine in the spinal canal with a 2D spinal cord model", UIC-LPPD-120710, Dec. 2010.

B. Henry, "Digitally registering and segmenting the central nervous system for CFD simulations", UIC-LPPD-120410, Dec. 2010.

C. Hall, "Quantification of Animal Experiments Using Rigorous Pharmacokinetic Models", UIC-LPPD-080310g, Aug. 2010.

L. Gardner, "Autoregulation of Cerebral Blood Flow", UIC-LPPD-080310h, Aug. 2010.

M. Sullivan, "Design of Biofuel Distillation using Complex Column Networks", UIC-LPPD-080310i, Aug. 2010.

N. Vaicaitis, "Computational Modeling of Cerebral Vasculature", UIC-LPPD-080310j, Aug. 2010.

E. Esko, "Animal Validation of a Volume Based Sensor to Monitor Hydrocephalus", UIC-LPPD-080310k, Aug. 2010.

P. Gangopadhyay, "Computer Assisted Modeling of Convection Enhanced Drug Delivery to the Brain", UIC-LPPD-080310l, Aug. 2010.

Y. Hsu, "Investigating the Accelerated Species Transport by the Pulsatile Fluid Flow in the Spinal Canal with a Two Dimensional Computational Model", UIC-LPPD-060310, June 2010.

T. Harris, "Development of an Experimental Model for Intrathecal Drug Delivery to Quantify Cerebral Spinal Fluid's Pulsatile Influence", UIC-LPPD-060210, June 2010.

G. Tsiagalis, "Elastic Properties and Hydraulic Permeability of Agarose Gel", UIC-LPPD-060110, June 2010.

C. Hall, "Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Models of the Rat", UIC-LPPD-052810, May 2010.


S. Thomas, "Semester Report: Vasculature generation; website proposal for Brain Physics ", UIC-LPPD-121509a, December 2009

S. Adhyaru, "Adaptive Placement of Finte Elements in Orthogonal Collocation", UIC-LPPD-073109a, July 2009.

L. Alvey, "Characterization of Volume Sensor for the Treatment of Hydrocephalus", UIC-LPPD-073109b, July 2009.

D. Govind, "Dynamics of Column Networks Under Uncertainty", UIC-LPPD-073109c, July 2009.

L. Moes, "Modeling of Complex Columns", UIC-LPPD-073109e, July 2009.

K. Prem, "Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Gliomas", UIC-LPPD-073109f, July 2009.

S. Thomas, "Creation of a Three Dimensional Human Cerebral Vasculature Model", UIC-LPPD-073109g, July 2009.

W. Yantz, "Global Optimization: Technique and Implementation", UIC-LPPD-073109h, July 2009.

L. Zitella, "3D Fluid-Structure Interaction Model of the Human Brain", UIC-LPPD-073109i, July 2009.

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R. Wojahn, "The Synthesis of Separation Networks with Complex Columns", UIC-LPPD-080307c, August 2007.

L. Yang, "Prediction and Control of Blood Flow in the Human Brain Vascular Network", UIC-LPPD-080307d, August 2007.

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M. Mekarski, "Bio-transfer and metabolism in the distributed system under uncertainty",
UIC-LPPD-083006e, August, 2006.

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W. Arthur, "Pollution prevention in pharmaceutical batch manufacturing", UIC-LPPD-073002, June, 2002.